Augmented Reality (AR)

What's Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality (AR) is the overlay of artificial computer graphics images on the physical world. Virtual data is combined with real world information. Unlike, in a Virtual Reality (VR) concept, all the information is purely computer generated graphics.

Augmented Reality Application
In Augmented Reality (AR) applications pose estimation is a critical issue. As accurate is the pose estimation, better is the model backprojection on the target image. Supported by the head pose estimation approach described, an AR system where virtual glasses were inserted on the subjects face was develop. The monocular pose estimation system extracts the pose from the head model, animating the rigid 3D anthropometric model in a OpenGL application with 6DOF. Mapping the capture image combined with the model animation, a system where the rigid face model reacts to the user pose variation is achieved. Including a 3D glasses model requires drawing-it with respect to the head model, see image 1.

Figure 1: Glasses inserted on anthropometric 3D model.
Similarly, the final AR application consists on animating only the glasses model. Image 2 shows several views of the subject with glasses augmentation with different head poses.

Figure 2: 3D glasses augmentation.
ArGlassesFrontal ArGlassesPitch
ArGlassesYaw ArGlassesRoll

The AR application, AAM fitting + POSIT, runs at 3 frames/s on 1024x768 images.

Demo video