Conference Papers

  • A region covariance embedded in a particle filter for multi-objects tracking
    Hélio Palaio, Jorge Batista
    ECCV 2008 Workshop on Visual Surveillance - International Workshop on Visual Surveillance from the European Conference on Computer Vision

  • Multi-Object Tracking Using an Adaptive Transition Model Particle Filter with Region Covariance Data Association
    Hélio Palaio, Jorge Batista
    ICPR 2008 - IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition

  • Accurate Single View Model-Based Head Pose Estimation
    Pedro Martins, Jorge Batista
    FG 2008 - IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition

  • Single View Head Pose Estimation
    Pedro Martins, Jorge Batista
    ICIP 2008 - IEEE International Conference on Image Processing

  • Monocular Head Pose Estimation
    Pedro Martins, Jorge Batista
    ICIAR 2008 - International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition

  • Facial Expression Recognition using Active Appearance Model
    Pedro Martins, Joana Sampaio, Jorge Batista
    VISAPP 2008 - International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications

  • Locating Facial Features using an Anthropometric Face Model for Determining the Gaze of Faces in Image Sequences in M. Camel and A. Campilho (Eds.)
    Jorge Batista
    ICIAR 2007 - Image Analysis and Recognition (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) Springer-Verlag, London, pp. 839-853, 2007

  • A Drowsiness and Point of Attention Monitoring System for Driver Vigilance
    Jorge Batista
    ITSC 2007 - IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Seattle, USA, Sept 30-Oct3, 2007

  • A real-time Driver Visual Attention Monitoring System in Jorge S. Marques, Nicolás Perez de la Blanca & Pedro Pina (Eds.)
    Jorge Batista
    IbPria2005 - Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (Lecture Notes in Computer Science), Springer-Verlag, London, pp.200-208, July 2005.

  • Others

  • Active Appearance Models for Facial Expression Recognition and Monocular Head Pose Estimation
    MSc.Thesis - Pedro Martins